I believe that one of Councils main responsibilities to the citizens of Mission is to ensure there is an exciting and effective long term vision in place for our community - a vision that is developed through meaningful consultation with the community, so that we can move towards a future that the majority of our citizens want and desire.

I also believe that in order to achieve a common, all inclusive vision, Council must recognize and respect the organizational structure of the District of Mission. Once Council has established a vision, their role is to provide leadership and governance that does not interfere or create operational dysfunction within the organization. With proper governance, I believe that Council can provide the momentum and efficiency required to meet the challenges of a growing and prosperous community.

Results are the reward for a well thought out vision that is properly directed and with leadership that is empowered to allow the implementation of the vision. Building on the current Official Community Plan (OCP), we can embark on an exciting and rewarding path for Missions future.

Accountability is also important. By developing a community-led vision, I believe this gives Council the opportunity to improve the lines of communication with the citizens of Mission, including the opportunity to provide regular updates when key milestones of the vision are achieved.


You, the residents of our community, choose who will represent you at a local level. It is important that you choose councillors that share your vision and have the right motivation and skills for the job. I believe that I have both. I am running because I wish to serve my community. I plan to provide sound leadership and to build for the future. I want to share my ideas, my passion and my commitment to do the right thing for you and for all of Mission. I want a strong and prosperous community for our present and future generations.

I encourage you to get out and vote and vote Cal Crawford for Council. Thank you for your support.